An overview of the XDUOO X2 player…

An overview of the XDUOO X2 player. Audiophilia of the brain. Part one: the mild stage of the disease.

What kind of a reviewer of audionishtyaks am I if I have never written a review on XduooX2?!
Everyone has done a review, some a few years ago. Some even several times. And in my piggy bank of reviews, this player is unfairly missed.
It is urgent to fix this matter.
Therefore, as soon as I saw the promotion for the sale of this player, I immediately bought it.
But since just reading a review of this well-known player in 2018 is no longer so interesting, I decided to make a series of reviews. From 3 parts. In each I will review a more expensive and niche device. So to speak, I will tell you the path that some of the sound lovers have gone through. I do this in order to save time and money for those who are just embarking on this path. Or vice versa, to show how this path went for me, and you, my dear readers, will tell in the comments about your research and results. I hope everyone will be interested.
This is the first part, about XDUOO X2
The second part is about XDUOO X10
Before reading the review, I want to remind you:
Since I am not a professional techie, reviews are written me purely from a consumer attitude. I know that I will not be able to reflect all the necessary things in the review, and perhaps somewhere I even make mistakes. You can write to me in a PM, I will definitely fix it, and you can also ask a question in the comments to the review, and I will answer it to the best of my ability and knowledge.
I will not say that I really needed it this player. But I bought it to listen. At the time of receipt
player, I already had the experience of owning an excellent player NiNTAUS X10 and no less interesting XUELIN IHIFI780.
And since I also have both of these players, I can compare the sound, and tell you about it.
First of all, I want to speculate, who needs this player?
Athletes who are afraid to break the phone, but need music. People who at one time bought the Sansa folk player, but have already come to the conclusion that it is outdated. Maybe there are more scenarios.
But I think first of all, the player is needed for those who are not satisfied with the sound in the phone. People who have outgrown the phone sound. Or people who listened to the player from friends / comrades, etc. and realized that they wanted to listen to better music. But since usually at this stage the amphibian is still not willing to give hundreds of bucks for a really high-quality sound, people begin to look for a compromise. And this is where, as a rule, options arise with the purchase of XDUOO X2. And that’s where audiophilia begins. A person who bought XDUOO X2 can stop at it and be completely satisfied. And what, the player is inexpensive, has a good sound, is quite compact, and on occasion even has some fame, so it won’t even be a problem to sell it.
Yes, and the characteristics of the player is not bad:

a complete scan of the entire media library of the player took some time. Therefore, after we upload new music, we have to wait:

If there is not enough music, then the player turns on quite quickly.
The main screen of the player is clear and informative:

Track number, time, playback mode, battery, total time, track name, file type, preset equalizer and visual equalizer.

Minimum settings in the player:

If you compare the player by sound with a phone, then the sound is clearly better here. Even if we compare, for example, with last year’s (already the year before last) flagship Xiaomi Mi5, the sound in the player is clearly better. (although it still depends on the headphones used)
What else I want to say about the equalizer. If in Hi-Res players the equalizer is not a very necessary thing, in this player the equalizer still works as an improver. Therefore, you can try a little for yourself to change the settings and listen.
The sound of the player in this firmware version is all right. Normal detail, there are both high and medium and low frequencies. I listened to the player with headphones Xiaomi Headphones – 2nd Generation, Xiaomi Mi Comfort, KZ ZS3, Kinera H3:

The sound is pleasant. Loud enough. The player is not bad for its price. And in principle, it already suits many people.
But since I have other players, with
more interesting characteristics, I understand that personally this player already seems weak to me. If we compare, for example, with the Xduoo X10, which costs 4 times more, the sound of the X2 seems not very high quality, not very loud and not very good at all:

But everything, as always, is known in comparison.
The player is perfect for those who want better sound quality than on a smartphone, but are not ready to pay a lot for a Hi-res player.
For 30-35 dollars this is a good purchase. After which it will be possible to understand whether we want to develop our audiophilia, or we can stop there.
Currently, this player can be purchased on Tomtop for $34.99 using code LXXX2. It’s certainly not the same stock when they were $29. But there is no lower price yet.
Well, this is where I finish my review. One of these days I will add the second part of "audiophilia", in which I will tell you about a more expensive and interesting gadget. In the meantime, I propose to discuss

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