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At the creation of editorial material, created at the expense of readers, taking the fate of the advertiser – the company KIVI. The advertiser does not in any way agree with the opinion of the editorial staff, but only encourages you to know more about the possibility of the KIVI MEDIA service.

Two Ukrainian companies succumbed to the KIVI TV production company, increased their bets on Android TV and focused on the audience, not the great gravitas of the market. Now stinks want to change the TV spriynyatya in the Internet era, resurrecting him with the head screen near the house, reminiscent of new sensations and victorious scripts. Їhnya meta – get up to dozens of light collections of televisions.

The rest of the decade demonstrates what heights can be reached in a short term, to engage in a high-tech business. The world has changed, and now the most expensive companies in the world are not corporations with a history that has dozens of years, but companies that have ten or twenty years simply never dreamed of. The Ukrainian IT business landscape already knows a lot of histories of startups — Viewdle (bought by Google from 2012), Looksery (bought by Snapchat from 2015) and the recent exit from the category of unicorns (companies with a billion valuation) Grammarly. But all the software companies, and the stories related to the creation of outbuildings in the field of electronics, can be resurrected on the fingers of one hand. The first thing to think about is Petcube and iBlazr. The goal is to keep the history of KIVI even more famous, even if it is connected with the market of televisions, it is stronger in the global market in the person of Samsung and LG, and also the number of Chinese virobniks and Japanese ones, which are considered apart and some of the best hours, are unknown. p>

This story began in 2016, if the miraculous knowledge of the Ukrainian market of televisions, unsatisfied needs of buyers and the possibility of going to the market in the segment, which does not sing the great graves that Kirila Khilko. Evgen at that time was the commercial director of the online store of retail goods, and Kirilo – in the Ukrainian representative office of the global electronics manufacturer.

The possibility of creating a business on the selection (and not the sale) of TV viewers At that time, the new man had already completed the sale in a number of electronics stores. This is the period when the TVs broke the technological revolution one after the other straight away – first, the stench already ran after the first failures of the SmartTV platform, in another way, the distribution of UltraHD / 4K buildings began to appear massively on TVs.

Ale merezha shops, in the same wines, they worked, at that time they focused less on sales of telephones, because the ear of the mass transition to smartphones and colleagues did not show optimism for the drive of televisions (smartphone sales are significant for business). These Internet sales of televisions in Ukraine have already been counted in tens of thousands of pieces per market, but few believe that this segment of the market stands at the expense of vibukhovy growth, which smartphones themselves experienced.

Evgen’s optimism was inspired by Kirilo Khilko, who stunned the TV sets of a global company. The future partners have raised their respect for those that the largest manufacturers report more and more before launching new and expensive models: there were also garniy design, and modern technologies. The young lines were not suitable for the great gravitators of the global business: the stench was not small for the attractive design, the new technologies were for the superfluous principle, so as not to overwhelm the sales of expensive models.

I understand that no one needs television there, and there is no need to look at the prospects for anyone. I marveled at the “kolgosp” television business in Ukraine, and in the neighboring countries, and in my mind, on which background you can look even better. At the same time, I have evolved as a partner at the TV maker.
Interview with Economic Truth, April 29, 2021

Both entrepreneurs were united by the support of the five farther away, and the diversity of televisions was well known. TV makers experimented for a long time and tried to influence the market. We all remember the era of the transition to screens with light-emitting diodes, experiments with 3D TVs and curved screens. Alas, everything was worth less than the older models and lines, and for the cross-border purchase, the pickers were practically nothing to propagate. Savings dosvіd allowing partners vpevneno feel in sales and miraculously oriented to the needs of Ukrainian buyers. Serious expertise in the economy and logistics of global business wonderfully added to this dosvіd. What appeared enough to bring the dream into reality. There were simply no budget models of SmartTV-TVs from 4K retail buildings on the market.

The first office at KIVI appeared in 2016, although there were more than 6 cases, 5 of them are working with the company today. The first batch was closed at the MTS plant, which included up to five contracts of contract manufacturers in television sets (this year’s position is strong, including the number of such new gravels like KIVI). For the first party, it was more important to be seen by the police, so they took away the golden color of the corps, to once again turn the respect of the buyers at the store.

Render TVs in golden color from the first batch. And then, and at the same time, the models look unusually.

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